May 9, 2021
Go Mobile For Life
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Go Mobile For Life is a non-profit ministry operating a licensed mobile clinic, dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ and revealing life to women in the local community (Western Riverside County).  The clinic provides compassionate and loving services and information for women with the goal of holistically serving their medical, emotional, spiritual and material needs.

It is hard to find anyone who will not agree – life is precious. Yet we live in a world that has devalued human life to the point that many never experience birth.

Since 1973, in the United States alone, nearly 60 million babies had no chance at life. Worldwide, approximately 45 million babies every year are aborted. Globally, one in five pregnancies will end in an abortion.

Go Mobile For Life offers the following free services: lab-grade pregnancy testing, limited obstetrical ultrasound, medical referrals, pregnancy options education, emotional support and community referrals.

Approximately 8 out of 10 women state that viewing their baby on ultrasound was a key determining factor in choosing life for their baby. The key is to make ultrasound available to more women, which is why we ‘go mobile’ with our clinic. It is one of the most innovative and successful ways to show abortion-vulnerable women the life within.

Go Mobile For Life works with organizations in the local community who can provide additional resources during a woman’s pregnancy and after her baby is born.

For more information, please visit our Go Mobile For Life website.


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